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1. Question: The full program download comes with test data, how do I delete the data or data files?

Answer: The easiest way is to edit each customer or item, make them into a usable item or customer. It is not a good idea to delete these files (erase them off the drive) as it might confuse the program in locating the files.

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2. Question: I did not receive a printed manual for the program, how do I obtain a manual?

Answer: The manual is now built into the program, at any screen press the [F1] key to bring up the help menu, there is no printed manual available.

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3. Question: What is the return policy if I do not like or want the program?

Answer: Sorry, there is none. We allow all potential users / customers of our software up to 40 days of use for testing before purchasing the program. We suggest you test all aspects of the program you intend to use (including printing reports/invoices) to make absolutely sure you are satisfied before you purchase a license.

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4. Question: How long do I have to evaluate the demo/trial version?

Answer: The demo/trial version is good for 40 days and will stop working after the 40th day. You can add 5 customers, 5 invoices and 5 inventory items to test and evaluate the software. Almost all functions will work in the demo/trail mode.

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5. Question: Do I need to download another version when I purchase the software license?

Answer: No. You can order the software license by sending the proper information to us using the on-line order form. We will then issue and send via email your registration codes. You then need to enter the registration codes and company information in the Company Information section of the program located in the Maintenance menu.

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