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1. Question: What is the difference between an UPDATE and an UPGRADE?

Answer: A. An UPDATE is a patch or modification to our program and is usually free. UPDATEs are usually a maintenance release, they have bug fixes and changes that are minor and make the program work better.

A. An UPGRADE is a modified release of the program containing more features, enhancements and modifications that improve performance and usability. An UPGRADE also usually contains patches and maintenance updates as well. An UPGRADE also incurs a fee because it has enhancements and improvements.

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2. Question: Do I have to UPDATE my program?

Answer: The short answer is No. The long answer is that you should. The update is usually free and has bug fixes and modifications in it that might be necessary to the program so it can function correctly.

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3. Question: Do I have to UPGRADE my program?

Answer: NO. HOWEVER, the UPGRADES usually contain major modifications and performance enhancers as well as any maintenance and bug fixes. If you enjoy and find the program helpful, then UPGRADING the program should only make using the program a better experience, not to mention using any added features.

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4. Question: How do I know if there is an update available for my software?

Answer: Please check our update page, some updates are free others are fee based. Not all program versions are fully upgradeable for free see the update page. We will from time to time send email announcements regarding updates and patches for the program. Please Note: The newer versions of the AIR program will automatically check for updates if you are connected to the Internet.

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