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1. Question: When I look up a customer by phone number or last name sometimes the name is out of order or when I search by phone number the program reports no match was found, what is wrong?

Answer: The index system has been corrupted. This sometimes happens when the computer is shut down incorrectly or the program is exited in the wrong manner. If this should happen simply click on the "Maintenance Menu" button then click on the "Repair Index" tab and select the index you want to repair, then click on "Start Repairs".

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2. Question: When I upgraded my program with a full/trial download my data was erased, how do I recover my data?

Answer: A. DO NOT EVER use a full/trail download to upgrade to a new version of the software, it will OVERWRITE your data and your data will not be retrievable. To update see the UPDATES page. **Note: The new version of the program checks for updates if your computer is on-line.

B. You will need to use your backup data to restore your files.

PLEASE NOTE: Program versions from 2002.01.00 and up automatically check for updates/upgrades (new releases of the program) and will ask you if you want to update/upgrade. If you have an older version please call or email support.

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3. Question: I did not receive a printed manual for the program, how do I obtain a manual?

Answer: The manual is now built into the program, at any screen press the [F1] key to bring up the help menu, there is no printed manual available.

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4. Question: How do I know if there is an update available for my software?

Answer: Please check our update page, some updates are free others are fee based. Not all program versions are fully upgradeable for free see the update page. We will from time to time send email announcements regarding updates and patches for the program.

PLEASE NOTE: The program versions from and up automatically checks for updates/upgrades (new releases of the program) and will ask you if you want to update/upgrade. If you have an older version please call or email support.

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5. Question: The date/calendar function when I write an invoice does not seem to work correctly, what's wrong?

Answer: You need to change the date settings in windows. Your system settings are incorrect, click on the "Start" button then click on "Settings", then click on "Control Panel" then click on the "Regional Settings" icon. In the regional settings click on the "Date" tab. The "Short date" setting should be in "MM/dd/yyyy" format (notice the year is four digits). Once changed, the date selector should work fine. (This issue only affects some versions of windows.)
We have included a work-around for this in the latest version 2002.01.03.

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6. Question: The tax rate seems to be off, how do I correct the tax rate?

Answer: A. Because one state now uses a 5 digit number for a tax rate we were forced to change the way the program handles that type of tax rate. For instance the state uses 4.2515 you would enter .042515

B. If your sate uses two digits or less enter the tax rate as .05 (for 5%).

C. If your sate uses more then two digits enter the tax rate as .042515 (for 4.2515%)

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7. Question: I purchased the multi-user version and can not locate my data from a remote terminal, how can I find my data files?

Answer: You must contact your system administrator or computer technician, we do not supply technical support on mapping drives for networks or give any technical support regarding L.A.N. set-ups. Outside of mapping drives use the Maintenance utilities and select the Mufti-User Network tab and select your drive and files from there.

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8. Question: How to set the labor rate.

Answer: The easiest way is to add a labor rate line into the "Inventory Items". Items marked with "L" for labor are not counted as inventory (unless you want them to be), but, can be called to the invoice as labor by using the dropdown list or assign it an item number like 1. That way it is easy to remember and easy to call to the invoice. The labor line (or Item) can also be included in a "Job Type" as well using this method.

This also allows you to have multiple labor rates for different work types.

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